''I am that clumsy human, always loving, loving, loving. And loving. And never leaving''
-Frida Kahlo (via wordsthat-speak)
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''I am trying to remember you,
let you go,
the same time.''
-Nayyirah Waheed (via wordsthat-speak)
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''How did people get over this? They obviously did. Every day someone fell in love with the wrong person and had to pack up all their fragile, misguided hopes and unwanted affection, and move on.''
-Perfect Day (Josh Lanyon)  (via wordsthat-speak)
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Boys are adorable. Boys trail off their sentences in an appealing way. Boys bring a knapsack to work. Boys get haircuts from their roommate, who “totally knows how to cut hair.” Boys can pack up their whole life in a duffel bag and move to Brooklyn for a gig if they need to. Boys have “gigs.” Boys are broke. And when they do have money, they spend it on a trip to Colorado to see a music festival. Boys don’t know how to adjust their conversation when they’re talking to their friends or to your parents.

Until I was thirty, I only dated boys, as far as I can tell. I’ll tell you why. Men scared the shit out of me.

Men know what they want. Men make concrete plans. Men own alarm clocks. Men sleep on a mattress that isn’t on the floor. Men tip generously. Men buy new shampoo instead of adding water to a nearly empty bottle of shampoo. Men go to the dentist. Men make reservations. Men go in for a kiss without giving you some long preamble about how they’re thinking of kissing you… Men know what they want and they don’t let you in on their inner monologue, and that is scary.

-  Mindy Kaling on boys vs. men- Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (via wordsthat-speak)
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Fly Agaric - Amanita muscaria var. by Jeff Dave Wolf



Snowy Owl by peterstratmoen


WITCH OF THE OLD WORLD BOOK OF HERBS by LADY ABIGAILOil Infusions  Oil Infusions are made in the extraction of the herbal properties into the oil. Infusions will generally keep up to a year when keep in a cool, dark place. There are two ways to make an Oil Infusions using herbs, cold or hot depending on the needs.
COLD: 1. Using a large jar with and airtight lid, cram it as full as possible with all the herbs you’re using. 2. Fill the jar to the brim with the oil. I find that pure light olive oil or safflower oil work best. 3. Put the lid on tight and place the jar in an out of the way place for three weeks. 4. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth, or a coffee filter placed inside a colander. Squeeze out all the oil possible.  5. Again, fill the jar with as many herbs as you can and put the infused oil back into the jar and fill it the rest of the way with new oil. 6. Again, place in that out of the way place and store for 2 more weeks. 7. Again, Strain the mixture through cheesecloth, or a coffee filter. 8. Once you have squeezed out all the oil possible put it in an airtight bottle to store the infusion until you need it.
HOT: This oil infusion will be made with 2 parts oil to 1 part herb. 1. Using a double boiler mix the herbs and oil slowly until the mixture just begins to simmer. 2. Turn down the heat to allow the mix to stay hot but not bubble. 3. Strain the herbs from the oil as in the cold infusion. 4. Pour the oil into an airtight bottle. AS WITH ALL THINGS HERBAL IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO SOMETHING DON’T USE IT. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE DON’T TAKE A CHANCE IT IS NOT WORTH IT
The Dance at Alder Cove
Customs of the Ancestor